You weren’t created to merely exist, you were created to THRIVE!

You were brought into this world for a purpose

You are destined to be alive at this point in time for a reason beyond your wildest imagination

You were granted extraordinary gifts, talents, passions, and skills, so that you could grace this planet with greatness

You were carefully fashioned to be the best version of you possible

You are one of a kind

Only you can contribute to this world in the way that you do

You were created to rule

You are a kingdom builder

The only thing standing between you, and your destiny, is you

What will you do with the grace given to you?

It is my hope and dream that you will rise to the vocation assigned to you

It is my prayer that you will encounter your greatness and overcome every challenge that you may face

May you rise to the occasion every time the opportunity comes knocking at your door



Photo credit: davis.steve32 via / CC BY